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About Us

A creation by Laura Sonnenberg of New Moon Photography, Portland Blushes is dedicated to her love of Boudoir photography. Whatever you want it to be; classy, fun, romantic, naughty, nice, and everything in-between, Boudoir is about capturing your beauty - and Laura knows how to find your good angles!

Le grand fromage and chief junkmail-sorter extraordinaire, Laura is the heart and soul of Portland Blushes and New Moon Photography. She realized, back in the day, that her vision, empathy and yen for a challenge (and her impatience with her art - instant gratification is built into photography, after all) all pointed towards a career as a lenswoman. Now she happily bounces around the greater Portland area, cameras in tow, a conduit of experience and skill through which her clients' personalities and style shine.

Laura's Bio 

"I fell in love with photography when I was a little girl...toting around town with my trusty 110. I took photos of everything and everyone! But, the passion really kicked in when I discovered what I could do with my father's Canon AE-1. I have been on a photographic journey ever since. In 1989 my grandfather built me a darkroom where I spent most of my time, crawling out of the darkness to occasionally eat or take more photos. Then I was off to college, beginning my studies as a photography major. I soon tranferred to West Virginia University where I graduated with a BS degree in Journalism/Advertising. My focus in photography, at that time, was in photojournalism and fine art. I moved to New Orleans after college and really developed my passion for photographing people...New Orleans offered me plenty of unique subjects, as you can imagine! I moved to Portland in 1997 and started shooting more weddings and more portraits...loving every minute of it. I gave birth to my daughter in 1999, as well as my business. I have nurtured both babies for the past 18 years...hard work, but completely gratifying.